Protecting against Statistical Ineffective Fault Attacks
Algebraic and Higher-Order Differential Cryptanalysis of Pyjamask-96
ISAP v2.0
Practical Forgeries for ORANGE
Improved (semi-free-start/near-) collision and distinguishing attacks on round-reduced RIPEMD-160
Framework for faster key search using related-key higher-order differential properties: applications to Agrasta
Security of the Suffix Keyed Sponge
New Semi-Free-Start Collision Attack Framework for Reduced RIPEMD-160
Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Variants of Frit
Efficient Collision Attack Frameworks for RIPEMD-160
Zero-Correlation Attacks on Tweakable Block Ciphers with Linear Tweakey Expansion
Statistical Ineffective Fault Attacks on Masked AES with Fault Countermeasures
SIFA: Exploiting Ineffective Fault Inductions on Symmetric Cryptography
Rasta: A cipher with low ANDdepth and few ANDs per bit
Fault Attacks on Nonce-based Authenticated Encryption: Application to Keyak and Ketje
Side-Channel Analysis of Keymill
ISAP - Towards Side-Channel Secure Authenticated Encryption
Ascon hardware implementations and side-channel evaluation
Statistical Fault Attacks on Nonce-Based Authenticated Encryption Schemes
Practical Key-Recovery Attack on MANTIS 5
Cryptanalysis of Simpira v1
Square Attack on 7-Round Kiasu-BC
Analysis of the Kupyna-256 Hash Function
Analysis of SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256
Towards Fresh and Hybrid Re-Keying Schemes with Beyond Birthday Security
Higher-Order Cryptanalysis of LowMC
Suit up! - Made-to-Measure Hardware Implementations of Ascon
Forgery Attacks on Round-Reduced ICEPOLE-128
Cryptanalysis of Ascon
Related-Key Forgeries for Prøst-OTR
Security Evaluation of SHA-224, SHA-512/224, and SHA-512/256
On the Security of Fresh Re-keying to Counteract Side-Channel and Fault Attacks
Key Recovery Attacks on Recent Authenticated Ciphers
Differential Cryptanalysis of SipHash
Compact Hardware Implementations of the Block Ciphers mCrypton, NOEKEON, and SEA